• usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan-laptop
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan-laptop-pc
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan-notebook
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan-notebook-laptop
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan-notebook-laptop-pc
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan-notebook-pc
  • mini-vacuum-usb-air-extracting-exhaust-cooling-fan-pc

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Compact Stylish Design
Super for game Playing
Allow faster extraction of hot air from system
Stabilize the operation of the note book laptop.
Give long life to Laptop.
Compatible With all notebook laptops brands.
3 different sizes of clips included for fastening to air outlet.
Anti-noise Device
Light and handy, it is very convenient for storage and carrying.
Suitable computer, the outlet length is less than 9cm, height of less than 1.5cm

Item Weight: 110g
Item Size: 11x7cm
Item Material: ABS Plastic


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